What bomb did Russia use in the Ukrainian battlefield that caused the smoke column to rise up to 1km high? 0What bomb did Russia use in the Ukrainian battlefield that caused the smoke column to rise up to 1km high? 0

(Dan Tri) – The explosion of a heavy bomb dropped by a Russian fighter jet on a Ukrainian target created a mushroom-shaped cloud rising up to 1,000 meters in the sky.

Su-34 aircraft and 1,500kg heavy bomb (Illustration photo: Russian Ministry of Defense).

A German military expert was surprised when Russia first used the ODAB-1500 thermobaric bomb, equipped with a module (UMPK) in the Sumy area in Ukraine.

How strong is ODAB-1,500?

On March 16, the Russian army used a 1.5-ton ODAB-1500 guided thermobaric bomb to attack the position of the Ukrainian Kraken Battalion in the town of Velyka Pysarivka in Sumy province.

The use of this powerful weapon by the Russian tactical air force has made Western observers worried and uncomfortable.

ODAB-1500, like other guided bombs, consists of two independent parts: a thermobaric bomb and a multi-purpose glider guidance module (UMPK).

The ODAB-1500 itself is a `barrel` containing synthetic explosives, equipped with one or more detonators.

According to the traditional free-fall method, factors such as the speed and altitude of the aircraft, wind speed in the air and ground in the bombardment area must be carefully calculated.

The greater the speed and altitude of the aircraft, the farther the bomb can fly, but the accuracy will decrease sharply.

To improve flight range and accuracy, the new bomb is equipped with a UMPK module, turning it into a precision-controlled weapon.

The UMPK module includes gliders to help them fly long distances (when not leaving the aircraft, the wings are folded), an inertial navigation system (INS), a satellite signal reception system to correct errors

The UMPK does not have a propulsion engine, but thanks to the speed and altitude of the aircraft dropped according to the javelin throwing principle and the airflow created with the lift of the glider, the bomb can fly farther.

In other words, aircraft speed is the source of energy for the bomb to fly horizontally.

In fact, the Russian tactical air force has been using this bomb since March 2023.

When a 1,500kg bomb, equipped with a UMPK module, is dropped by a combat aircraft from an altitude of 10,000m, it can glide a distance of 40 to 70km and hit the target with an accuracy of a few meters.

What bomb did Russia use in the Ukrainian battlefield that caused the smoke column to rise up to 1km high?

FAB-3000 bomb production line at a Russian factory (Photo: Russian Defense Ministry).

How dangerous is a thermobaric bomb combined with a UMPK module?

The main feature of the ODAB-1500 is the use of a thermobaric bomb – different from conventional explosives – it consists of high explosives (HE) encased in a thin-walled container.

The fuel of the thermobaric bomb was filled with ethylene oxide gas, later propylene gas was used.

Very high temperatures can be generated in the blast zone, while pressure refers to alternating high and low pressure conditions, which can affect exposed targets.

When the thermobaric bomb is 10 meters from the target, the first device is activated, spraying liquid explosives in the form of an aerosol cloud.

The cloud will completely cover the target area, penetrate every protected corner that conventional weapons cannot effectively destroy, and enter underground fortifications through doors, ducts

The main fuse then activated, igniting the aerosol cloud and creating a violent explosion with high temperatures of up to 4,000⁰C at the epicenter – meanwhile, the sun’s surface temperature is only 5,500⁰C – zero

If the high temperature cannot effectively kill all the people in the target area, then the extreme pressure and instant supersonic shock wave will be enough to crush the human body, their bones

What bomb did Russia use in the Ukrainian battlefield that caused the smoke column to rise up to 1km high?

ODAB-1500 bomb hanging on a Russian attack aircraft (Photo: Telegram).

What other thermobaric weapons does Russia use in Ukraine?

Not only bombs, TOS-1A heavy thermobaric artillery is also used by the Russian army.

Thermobaric bombs have been developed since the 1980s, so it can be seen that this technology has been tested and proven in real combat.

This is a combination of old-style bombs with the new UMPK set, which can ensure accuracy when hitting the target, while also promoting the terrifying destructive ability of thermobaric bombs.

In general, guided thermobaric bombs are one of the best aviation weapons in terms of effectiveness and cost.

Actual combat shows that the effectiveness of one bomb of this type is equivalent to 5 free-falling thermobaric bombs.

At the same time, the UMPK module increases flight range, allowing combat aircraft to avoid being shot down by enemy air defense systems.

The Russian tactical air force used the ODAB-500 free-fall thermobaric bomb but could not solve all the tasks and now these targets have been thoroughly handled by the ODAB-1500.

The Russian military recently said it will use guided bombs improved from the FAB-3000.

If ODAB-1500 has made German military experts worried, what will happen when Russia uses the even more terrifying ODAB-3000?

In addition, in the Russian army’s inventory there still exist `monsters`, such as the ODAB-9000 – `Father of all bombs` whose destructive power will be even more terrible.

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