Ukrainian President Zelensky criticizes NATO's `double standards` 0Ukrainian President Zelensky criticizes NATO's `double standards` 0

(Dan Tri) – Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky criticized NATO members for saying they apply `double standards` when protecting Israel from Iran’s attack.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky (Photo: Reuters).

In an interview with Brazilian media, President Zelensky criticized the `double standards` of NATO members in protecting Ukraine and Israel from air attacks, and said that he supported the idea of ​​airplanes.

`When we said, from the first day of the war, to close the airspace and defend Ukraine, we received the answer that NATO could only do so much, otherwise NATO would be dragged into a war.

In the incident (Iran’s attack on) Israel, NATO members destroyed everything that flew towards Israel (it was very good that NATO countries shot it all down and thank God that everyone was still alive).

Mr. Zelensky noted that when defending Israel from Iran’s attack last weekend, NATO allies demonstrated they `have enough technology to shoot down hundreds of Iranian missiles and UAVs`, and this is also `a

`Because both Russian aircraft and missiles have repeatedly flown into Polish and Romanian airspace without any reaction (from NATO). This is double standards,` he emphasized.

He called on NATO planes to shoot down missiles targeting Ukraine.

`What happened in Israel? (NATO) aircraft shot down the missiles. For example: If we received support from French, German, Polish or British aircraft to shoot down the missiles for sure

Also in the interview, Mr. Zelensky said that Russian President Vladimir Putin is `worried` about Ukraine and this is the reason why Mr. Putin feels unsafe.

`Believe me, (Mr.) Putin is very worried about us, I’m sure of that. Because he feels insecure. Confident people with a large army and great power, there are many

Mr. Zelensky emphasized that although Ukrainians are tired of the war, they have no intention of giving up and surrendering to Russia.

He accused Russia of wanting to restore the Soviet Union by `abolishing other independent states`.

`So Ukraine will not retreat. And everyone will see, we have the right technology, we are lobbying for aid from partners. This is not easy. But no one will

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