China's unusual restraint amid the `trade war` spiral with the US 0China's unusual restraint amid the `trade war` spiral with the US 0

(Dan Tri) – While the US announced a series of tough measures targeting China’s leading corporations amid the trade war, Beijing’s senior leaders still seemed to refrain from making statements that criticized

US President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

The trade war between the US and China is entering an increasingly dangerous phase as Washington bans Huawei, China’s largest telecommunications group, from purchasing US software and semiconductors, and threatens to add more.

Although the US has many legitimate reasons for seeking to balance the trade gap with China, Washington’s ban on Huawei and other Chinese companies from using US software and equipment, all with

This is very dangerous because it could further inflame bilateral tensions between the world’s two largest economies, possibly even leading to a real cold war.

Analysts say President Donald Trump is trying to threaten to ban Huawei as well as other Chinese technology companies to receive concessions from Beijing in trade negotiations.

Chinese state media is still increasing its tone of criticism of the US.

Earlier this week, Chinese President Xi Jinping went on a business trip to Jiangxi province.

China is the world’s largest producer of rare earths.

According to some other analysts, the reason China’s senior leaders refrain from making tough statements about the trade war with the US is simply because they want to wait for Mr. Trump’s presidency to end.

Chinese restraint

China is certainly preparing for the worst scenario in the trade war with the US.

So far, senior Chinese officials have refrained from making confrontational statements toward the United States in public.

“China is willing to continue negotiations with its US counterparts to reach an agreement.

A special thing is that although Chinese state media attacked America’s `bullying` and `strong pressure` actions, it still avoided directly criticizing President Donald Trump.

However, in recent days, China has begun to find ways to appeal to nationalism on a number of other `fronts`, for example through China Central Television.

Ren Chinh Phi, founder and CEO of Huawei, has warned against stirring up nationalism, even though his company is `blacklisted` by the US.

Although large US companies such as Google also began to enforce government regulations on embargoing Huawei when it stopped cooperating and providing services to China’s leading telecommunications group, Mr.

Huawei’s founder even expressed his appreciation for American companies for their contributions to Huawei’s development, while also warning against nationalistic incitement in China.

According to Mr. Nham Chinh Phi, supporting Huawei does not mean having to buy smartphones from this company.

Analysts say Huawei’s founder was right when he asserted that China’s future lies in `opening up`, because only then will China have more friends.

“At the present time, it would be wise for China to continue to uphold ethical issues and not follow the US by taking countermeasures against US companies.


According to SCMP

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