Ukrainian pilots encountered difficulties with F-16 fighter jets 0Ukrainian pilots encountered difficulties with F-16 fighter jets 0

(Dan Tri) – A Ukrainian pilot nicknamed `Moonfish` who is training to convert to the F-16 said: `This is like upgrading from an old Nokia with a black and white screen to a new iPhone.`

Ukraine is in dire need of F-16 fighters to change the game (Photo: Sky News).

Ukrainian pilots praise the F-16

Pilot Moonfish – one of six people being trained to use fighter aircraft at the Skrysdtrup base in Denmark – said: `The F-16 is the Swiss army knife. This is a very good weapon, and

The F-16 can provide air support, attack ground targets, destroy enemy aircraft and intercept missiles, he said, adding that the F-16 fighter is `awesome`.

The pilot said that although the F-16s are much easier to fly, adapting to the more advanced electronic systems on the plane is a challenge.

However, once the F-16 is put into combat service in large enough numbers, the Ukrainian Air Force can accomplish the following goals:

First, the F-16 cooperates with the MiG-29 and Su-27 to help Ukraine regain relative initiative in the air to intercept or hinder the activities of Russian fighter jets, preventing them from flying deep into the air.

Just stopping Russian fighter jets from dropping glide bombs is considered a great success for Ukraine.

In addition, the F-16 can temporarily fill the gap or strengthen forces in intercepting Russian cruise missiles, once Ukraine’s air defense systems are damaged or cannot move in time to close the holes.

Second, the F-16 can coordinate with the Su-24 and other aircraft to increase air fire support for the army fighting on the ground.

Third, most importantly, the F-16 also serves as a launch vehicle to conduct long-range attacks or retaliation with US cruise missiles (AGM-158 JASSM and the LRASM anti-ship variant).

Ukrainian pilots encountered difficulties with F-16 fighter jets

US-made F-16 fighter jets (center and right) rehearse with Ukrainian Su-27 fighter jets in the US.

The US general confirmed that Ukrainian pilots encountered many difficulties with the F-16

Voice of America (VOA) reported that at a hearing of the Armed Services Committee of the US House of Representatives, the Commander-in-Chief of NATO Allied Forces in Europe, General Christopher Cavoli, listed the difficulties that exist in

The commander of NATO forces in Europe noted that the F-16, like any aircraft, will help the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

`We’re doing this with them, a whole coalition of countries are working on it. Ultimately, this is going to be something incredibly valuable for them,` he said.

General Cavoli said that one of the biggest difficulties in training Ukrainians on the F-16 is English proficiency.

`If all the textbooks, instructions for use and all the buttons are written in English, then you should at least know enough English for this. By the way, this is also the international language of travel

Another problem, according to the US general, is that some Ukrainian pilots have not received adequate basic training.

General Cavoli also pointed out that Ukraine lacks military pilots.

`The limiting factor in the numbers we train today is the availability of Ukrainian pilots. The Ukrainians have carefully calculated the number of pilots they can send out and still maintain the level of combat operations.`

In a related development, Norwegian newspaper Nettavisen said that as a member of the fighter alliance, Norway is preparing to transfer 22 F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine, 12 of which have been

Norway has received US permission to transfer 22 of these aircraft to Ukraine, as well as engines, accompanying spare parts, simulators and other related equipment.

However, this does not mean that all of them are fully functional – some can be used as spare parts and repair of other aircraft.

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