Ukraine used new tactics to disrupt the `lifeline` of the Russian army 0Ukraine used new tactics to disrupt the `lifeline` of the Russian army 0

(Dan Tri) – Ukraine used UAVs to drop four-sided iron spikes onto transport routes to prevent Russia from providing logistics to the army.

Close-up of a 4-sided Ukrainian iron spike (Photo: Forbes).

Forbes reported that Russia is facing a new threat behind the front lines: Four-sided iron spikes that can cause tire explosions dropped by UAVs on the roads.

In essence, four-sided iron spikes are weapons that have long been used in wars.

During the time these vehicles stop, Ukraine will control the UAV to commit suicide attacks or throw explosives down to destroy them.

Logistics is the most important part, the `lifeblood` in every fight.

Previously, Ukrainian UAVs often attacked Russian logistics vehicles transporting supplies to front-line troops.

According to Forbes, with the appearance of four-sided iron spikes, the Russian truck driver will have to look up and down at the same time because of the potential threat.

The iron spikes that Ukraine uses are weapons with four sharp edges, so that when thrown to the ground, one edge will always stick upward.

This weapon was used in many subsequent conflicts.

Now, in the Ukraine war, the appearance of UAVs has brought new tactics to Kiev.

Russia often carries out logistical resupply operations at night to avoid the threat from Ukrainian UAVs.

Previously, Ukraine used UAVs to drop anti-tank mines on roads.

On the front lines, trucks are considered more difficult targets to destroy than tanks.

However, hitting a truck at a fast moving speed is not an easy task.

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