Switzerland decided to organize a peace conference in Ukraine, inviting 80-100 countries to attend 0Switzerland decided to organize a peace conference in Ukraine, inviting 80-100 countries to attend 0

(Dan Tri) – The Swiss government has agreed on a plan to organize a conference to discuss a peace plan for Ukraine and plans to invite 80-100 countries to attend.

Ukraine was heavily devastated by fierce fighting (Photo: Reuters).

Switzerland on April 10 confirmed that it will host a global peace summit on the Russia-Ukraine war in June at the Burgenstock resort in Nidwalden state.

Participating countries are expected to discuss Ukraine’s 10-point peace formula and agree on a common document on what needs to be done to end the fighting.

In February, Switzerland announced plans to host a high-level peace conference on the situation in Ukraine in the summer.

Kiev’s peace plan calls for Russia to withdraw its troops from Ukrainian territory, as well as establish a court to prosecute top Russian officials for waging the war.

`There is sufficient international support for a high-level conference to launch the peace process. The conference aims to establish a forum for high-level dialogue on ways to achieve comprehensive, just peace.`

President Volodymyr Zelensky and his Swiss counterpart Viola Amherd discussed preparations for the summit and agreed to `continue efforts to engage as many countries as possible,` the Ukrainian President’s Office said.

Bloomberg said that Switzerland plans to invite 80-100 countries to participate in the conference.

Late last month, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba said that Kiev could negotiate with Russia after the peace summit in Switzerland.

According to Mr. Kuleba, the first summit will establish groups and action plans corresponding to each field.

`Then, between the first and second summits, contact with Russia can take place, according to the rules agreed by the participants,` he said, adding that `we must ensure

Mr. Kuleba emphasized that the summit participants will be free to choose the items they want to implement related to the Russia-Ukraine war, such as addressing food security or energy issues.

Mr. Zelensky has banned all negotiations with the current Russian government from the fall of 2022.

Meanwhile, Russia affirmed its readiness to negotiate with Kiev.

In addition, Ms. Zakharova emphasized that Switzerland – a country participating in Western sanctions against Moscow – can hardly serve as a foundation for peacekeeping efforts.

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