Russia warns of responding to the West with `special weapons` 0Russia warns of responding to the West with `special weapons` 0

(Dan Tri) – Russian officials announced that Moscow is conducting nuclear exercises to be ready to respond to Ukraine’s attacks on Russian territory with weapons provided by the West.

Vice Chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev (Photo: Reuters).

`In certain cases, the response (to such attacks) will not only be aimed at Kiev. We will use not only conventional warheads, but also with a special type of weapon

According to Reuters, former President Medvedev warned the West that Moscow may not only attack Ukraine in response to attacks on Russian territory.

A senior Russian security official said that the purpose of the nuclear exercises planned by Moscow is to respond to any attack on Russian territory that the West allows Ukraine to carry out with weapons.

Mr. Medvedev specifically mentioned recent comments by British Foreign Secretary David Cameron about Britain allowing Ukraine to use weapons provided by London to attack targets inside Russian territory.

Previously, Mr. Medvedev also emphasized that debates in the West about the possibility of deploying NATO troops to Ukraine, as well as the West actively encouraging Kiev to use missiles provided by the West to attack.

The Russian Defense Ministry announced earlier this week that nuclear exercises, ordered by President Vladimir Putin and involving the missile forces, air force and navy, will take place `in the near future`.

However, Mr. Ryabkov pointed out that Moscow’s nuclear doctrine remains unchanged, allowing the use of such weapons only in cases where the country’s existence is threatened.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Russia decided to hold tactical nuclear weapons exercises in response to statements by some NATO countries about the possibility of sending troops to Ukraine.

Russia has repeatedly stated its nuclear doctrine.

Tactical nuclear weapons are weapons designed for use on the battlefield, have a smaller design and are used at short distances, unlike strategic nuclear weapons which are used to attack targets.

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