EU Ambassador: EU - Vietnam relations are developing vividly in all fields 0EU Ambassador: EU - Vietnam relations are developing vividly in all fields 0

(Dan Tri) – European Union (EU) Ambassador to Vietnam Julien Guerrier affirmed that the EU – Vietnam relationship is developing very strongly and vividly in all areas of cooperation.

European Union (EU) Ambassador to Vietnam Julien Guerrier (Photo: EEAS).

Ambassador of the European Union (EU) to Vietnam Julien Guerrier wrote an article to celebrate Europe Day on May 9, which emphasized the pillars of the strong and vibrant relationship between the EU and the EU.

On May 9, the European Union celebrates `Europe Day`, marking the strategic visionary declaration issued on May 9, 1950 by former French Foreign Minister Robert Schuman.

Just five years after World War 2 ended, Robert Schuman called for European unity and peace, so that wars could be a thing of the past.

This goal has been successful: the European Union (EU) has guaranteed peace to its people, as well as prosperity and freedom;

There is peace in the EU, but war still rages around us, in Ukraine, in Gaza and in other parts of the world.

For its part, as a partner with global responsibility, the EU is committed to upholding the fundamental values ​​and interests we share with so many around the world.

`Europe Day` is an opportunity for us to celebrate past achievements, and also to look ahead, to shape Europe’s future together and inspire partnerships

More than ever, the EU wishes to pursue “Strategic Autonomy” and shape its foreign policy on its own terms.

The EU Cooperation Strategy for the Indo-Pacific adopted in 2021 demonstrates the EU’s recognition of the growing importance of the region, as well as its commitment to increasing its presence.

Vietnam is a central partner in this strategy.

EU – an economic partner

The EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) has raised trade links between the two countries to unprecedented heights, with a trade increase of about 40% since the agreement took effect in 2020.

EVFTA also contributes to enhancing Vietnam’s attractiveness to foreign direct investment (FDI), in the eyes of EU as well as non-EU investors.

EU – a development partner

The EU’s Global Gateway Strategy to invest in sustainable infrastructure is benefiting Vietnam, with the EU and its member states being Vietnam’s major ODA partners, and in fact home to Vietnam.

To implement these projects, the EU is working closely with state agencies, including several strategic ministries and other state partners at the central, provincial, district and commune levels, as well as

The EU attaches great importance to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, especially civil and political rights, environmental rights, workers’ rights and children’s rights.

EU – a partner in the fight against climate change

As part of the `Global Gateway` strategy and together with member states in the spirit of `Team Europe`, the EU also actively supports the implementation of large-scale projects such as hydroelectric reservoirs.

These projects contribute to the Just Energy Transition Partnership (JET-P) with Vietnam, for which the International Partnership Group, coordinated by the EU and UK, has committed €15 billion to

Climate action is at the heart of EU policy both inside and outside the bloc.

EU – a defense and security partner

Security and defense are key priorities in the EU’s engagement with our partners led by EU High Representative and Vice-President of the European Foreign Affairs Committee Josep Borrell.

`Europe Day` reminds us that those who once fought against each other can decide to turn the page, embrace each other again and build a shared future of peace, prosperity and freedom.

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