President of Ukraine talks about peace with Russia 0President of Ukraine talks about peace with Russia 0

(Dan Tri) – Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that the international community can help Russia restore peace in Ukraine and the peace summit in June can lay the foundation for this.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky (Photo: Getty).

`We continue to prepare for the first inaugural peace summit in June, and our team along with key partner groups are working to make the summit truly global,`

`We are sure that every continent will be represented – different parts of the world, different perspectives on global developments. But all share the same recognition that

`The majority of the world must force Russia towards peace. The peace conference in June can lay the foundation for peace,` he added.

In his speech, Mr. Zelenskyy also said that Ukraine had met all the necessary conditions to start negotiations on joining the European Union (EU) and now `the EU side has the responsibility to implement

`We are also preparing for the NATO Summit to be held this summer. There needs to be a strong political signal,` he said.

The Swiss Federal Council announced on April 10 that the peace conference for Ukraine will take place on June 15 and June 16 at the B├╝rgenstock resort in the state of Nidwalden.

Switzerland has sent invitations to more than 100 countries, including the US and China.

The conference aims to create a favorable framework for a comprehensive and lasting peace in Ukraine, as well as a specific roadmap for Russia’s participation in the peace process.

Swiss President Viola Amherd admitted that there is no guarantee that this initiative will be successful and that the conference will not immediately bring about a peace agreement for Ukraine.

`We will not sign a peace plan at this conference. We think there will be a second conference, but we want to start the process with this conference,` the Swiss leader said.

The Russian Embassy in Bern said that Switzerland has not yet invited Russia to the conference.

`We make it clear that the negotiation process without Russia is meaningless. President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly emphasized that we are ready to negotiate and wish to negotiate to achieve our goals. But while Ukraine remains

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